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What does “Discrimination” mean? – Legal definition

Discrimination: According to the first edition of the EU-U.S. terminology and taxonomy for artificial intelligence, the term “Discrimination” means: Unequal treatment of a person based on belonging to a category rather than on individual merit. Discrimination can be a result of societal, institutional, and implicitly held individual biases or attitudes that get captured in processes across the AI lifecycle, including…

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Article 22 GDPR and prohibition of discrimination. An outdated provision?

Article 22 GDPR and prohibition of discrimination. An outdated provision? by Davide Baldini Introduction Amongst its stated objectives, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”)[1]endeavours to protect all the fundamental rights recognised under EU law and which are challenged by the processing of personal data. As such, the GDPR does not exclusively uphold the most obvious rights to respect…

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