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CyberLaws is a home for curious and exceptional minds. It doesn't matter if you are a senior attorney, a young legal consultant, a PhD student or a new graduate. In our network we also don't care about your age, PQE, and the prestige of the university where you graduated: the only things that matter are an exceptional growth potential, and an obsession for high standards.


Not only will you become part of a young and intellectually stimulating team that works towards challenging projects in an unconventional way, but you will have the opportunity to attend our events and to share your contributions with our constantly growing audience of legal professionals.


Joining the network is extremely competitive, with an admission rate <3% in 2017-2020. We are able to accept a very limited number of new members each year, so to preserve the exclusivity and charming atmosphere that characterizes our project,. We will keep the network headcount at a size that allows us to know each other personally, also in the future.


We love sharing our time with people with a strong leadership, ambition and charisma, but at the same time down-to-earth, courageous and socially intelligent. Being part of our team is challenging - both for you and for all of us. So you must be self-driven, have a genuine passion for technology and innovation, and the necessary creative and execution skills.

What our members say:


Members who consider the collaboration "much better or better" than imagined during the application.

Personal branding

Members who have noticed a significant increase in their LinkedIn activity and have acquired new business contacts online.

professional opportunities

For over 55% of our authors, joining CyberLaws has played a key role in developing significant opportunities for their professional growth.

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To know more about how we process your personal data, read ourprivacy policy.


How do I apply?

There are three ways to be part of our community. First, we aim at exceptional talents that we believe should be part of this community and we contact them directly.

The second one is by referral: if you know any senior member within CyberLaws willing to sponsor you, just ask to be referred and your application will be considered in the 10 days preceeding the general application opening.

The third one is by applying on our website as soon as you see an opening.

How long does the application take?

The whole process might take up to 3-4 weeks to complete. After the pre-screening phase, you will receive constant updates on the progress of your application.

Do I need to prepare for interviews?

An online interview is the last step of the application process. It is an informal chat with one or more of our members, where you will walk them through the motivations that led you to apply to be part of this project.