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What does “Trustworthy AI” mean? – Legal definition

By 28 Agosto, 2023No Comments

Trustworthy AI: According to the first edition of the EU-U.S. terminology and taxonomy for artificial intelligence, the term “Trustworthy AI” means:

Trustworthy AI has three components: (1) it should be lawful, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations (2) it should be ethical, demonstrating respect for, and ensure adherence to, ethical principles and values and (3) it should be robust, both from a technical and social perspective, since, even with good intentions, AI systems can cause unintentional harm. Characteristics of Trustworthy AI systems include: valid and reliable, safe, secure and resilient, accountable and transparent, explainable and interpretable, privacy-enhanced, and fair with harmful bias managed. Trustworthy AI concerns not only the trustworthiness of the AI system itself but also comprises the trustworthiness of all processes and actors that are part of the AI system’s life cycle.